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In a world full of ad-supported free streaming platforms, three friends - Lazer, Mandy, & Erin - team up to highlight, rate, and discuss films that you can watch at no extra cost as long as you have a streaming device. Along the way we'll rate the streaming services and watching experience as well as chat about movies, trailers, and other things you can do for free. The arthouse is next to the grindhouse.

Episode 0: Highway to Hell (1991) (Tubi)


Lazer, Mandy, and Erin get together to screen 1991's Highway to Hell to see if it's worth showing at the Cinema Gratuita, a movie theater that can only afford free movies from streaming services. Also featuring general chats about movies we've been watching and general streaming experiences. It's a pilot episode, so mind our mess - we're always under construction.

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